Bangkok Banpu NEXT, a leading smart energy solutions provider in Asia-Pacific, partners with Craze Cafe, a specialty & lifestyle cafe brand under Boncafe (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to reinforce the ‘Infinite Model’, which combines total smart energy solutions with digital technology to foster sustainability for businesses and societies. The two parties launch the ‘Infinite Cafe Powered by Banpu NEXT with Craze Cafe’ campaign, bringing to life a 100% clean energy pop-up cafe in the heart of Bangkok, situated in the Outdoor zone of Chamchuri Square. This initiative is geared towards promoting smarter living, facilitating convenient access to clean energy, and endorsing the Samyan Smart City area. Additionally, the campaign encourages active participation in the journey towards an Everyday Cup to Net-Zero. 

Mr. Smittipon Srethapramote, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., said: “Banpu NEXT is committed to empowering organizations to tap into the infinite potential of clean energy. This commitment is illustrated through a depiction of everyday life, highlighting the reliance on the food and beverage industry – a sector known for its significant carbon footprint. This is particularly true for the coffee business, which is forecasted to experience a rate of growth of 12% next year.  Last year we created a campaign called Infinite Cafe Powered by Banpu NEXT. Located in Benjakitti Park, it was Thailand’s first pop-up cafe running on 100% clean energy. The cafe effectively reduced approximately 5,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions in just two months. Considering the possible increase in the number of Thais adopting a coffee-drinking habit (Thailand has ranked 24th among the countries with coffee consumption, according to the International Coffee Organization**), we have decided to continue this initiative and move the cafe to the city center so that it would be within easy reach for everyone. The duration of the campaign has also been extended for a longer period. Banpu NEXT is in charge of the designing and constructing of the pop-up cafe, having implemented its total smart energy solutions. This not only fulfills the cafe’s business requirements, reducing costs and carbon emissions, but also enhances access to clean energy. In doing so, it empowers everyone to play a more tangible role in fostering a carbon-free society in Thailand. In addition, Banpu NEXT aims to expand upon the Infinite Model, offering a comprehensive solution tailored for a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, and community malls.”  

The pop-up cafe operates with an environmentally conscious approach, implementing an end-to-end sustainability strategy from Upstream to Downstream. On the upstream side, the cafe procures sustainably grown coffee beans from within Thailand, offers oat milk alternatives, and crafts signature drinks which aims to generate less carbon emissions than conventional alternatives. The midstream practices involve utilizing biodegradable and recycled cups, as well as implementing the total smart energy solutions to enhance store operations, coffee brewing, and serving drinks to customers. The cafe features solar rooftop system with batteries for daily operations, and a digital platform capable of real-time monitoring of the store’s energy consumption data, encompassing solar power generation and battery storage, daily and total CO2 emissions reduction based on cumulative clean energy and waste management. All metrics are then displayed on the cafe’s dashboard. The e-Receipt also shows the total CO2 reduction accumulated from drinks purchased by customers. At the downstream stage, the cafe executes a methodical waste management system, while MuvMi electric tuk-tuks are also provided in the area for cafe visitors. 

Ms. Usapun Inteevoravong, Chief Executive Officer of Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd. said: “Boncafe and all our affiliated brands implement a sustainable business model, prioritizing environmental conservation and social responsibility. This also corresponds to Banpu NEXT’s business perspectives. We are truly delighted to collaborate with Banpu NEXT on this initiative aimed at advancing towards a Net-Zero society. In the upstream approach, Craze Cafe takes charge of sourcing quality ingredient, including best-in-class coffee beans from Thai farmers and wholesome oat milk, to create exceptional coffee flavors. In addition to daily management of the cafe, we have crafted a special beverage menu. For every menu item, we have collaborated with Banpu NEXT to calculate carbon savings, ensuring that every drink served at this cafe contributes to reducing carbon emissions. Our signature drink, Thai PB, reduces up to approximately 850 grams of carbon emissions. This shows that clean energy is easily accessible, and everyone can play a part in protecting our planet by drinking premium-quality coffee produced with clean energy every day at the Infinite Cafe Powered by Banpu NEXT with Craze Cafe.” 

Operated by the Office of Property Management, Chulalongkorn University, the Chamchuri Square Building is a part of the Samyan Smart City project, poised to create value for communities and society in a sustainable way. The launch of a 100% clean energy pop-up cafe, which applies the Net-Zero concept at every stage from upstream to downstream, is another initiative that highlights all aspects of a smart city integrated into Samyan Smart City. The Office of Property Management, Chulalongkorn University, is pleased to continue its cooperation with Banpu NEXT after the installation of clean energy solutions in Samyan Smart City, which includes solar rooftop systems in the Samyan market and buildings and a chilled water system in Chamchuri Square. Therefore, Banpu NEXT’s expertise is capable of tailoring clean energy solutions to each organization’s specific needs and bringing about all kinds of value to society. 

The Infinite Cafe Powered by Banpu NEXT with Craze Cafe is now open daily from 7:00 hrs. to 15:00 hrs. until 31 January 2025 at the Outdoor zone of Chamchuri Square. Special promotions and the reward program Banpu NEXT Token are available for customers. Redeem your points to get a free drink while taking an active role in advancing a Net-Zero society by drinking your Everyday Cup of coffee.  

For more information, please visit For business entrepreneurs who are interested in Banpu NEXT’s Infinite Model and total smart energy solutions, please contact our call center at 02-095-6599.  

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