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Renewable Power

646 MW committed capacity of clean energy in Asia Pacific

Banpu NEXT expands its renewables capacity through greenfield and brownfield investments including acquisitions of developing and operating projects. 

646 MW*

Committed Renewables
Capacity Across Asia-Pacific

528 MW*

Committed Solar Power Capacity

118 MW*

Committed Wind Capacity

*Data as of Q1/2024

Note: *MW Capacity presented on a 100% basis on Banpu Group as of 31 March 2024

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Solar Rooftop & Floating Solar

254 MW committed capacity of solar rooftop, solar carport and floating solar in Asia Pacific

Banpu NEXT continues to expand its solar rooftop and floating solar portfolio through project development and acquisitions across the Asia-Pacific.

254 MW*

Committed Solar Rooftop And Floating Solar Capacity

*Data as of Q1/2024

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Global market reach and growing

Energy Storage Systems

6 GWh p.a. of planned battery production capacity by 2025

Banpu NEXT owns a 65.1% stake in Durapower. a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturing company with 1 GWh manufacturing plant in China and global market presence in 22 countries.

In addition, Banpu NEXT has collaborated with Durapower to set up a battery assembly plant in Thailand in the future.

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Banpu NEXT offers EV fleet management linked to a digital platform to support logistic and transportation partners, as well as customizable EV-related services based on the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concept.

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Smart Cities & Energy Management

27 projects in Thailand including energy management, smart infrastructure and waste management

Banpu NEXT EcoServe (a subsidiary) offers energy management solutions including energy audit and feasibility, energy supply, installation and retrofitting of new equipment, district cooling systems, etc., and smart infrastructure solutions including smart energy analytics and waste management

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Energy Trading

Banpu NEXT expanded into energy trading through the establishment of BPPT in Japan in 2018 to gain exposure to the Japanese electricity retail market – marking the group’s first step into energy trading.
The energy trading business is expected to expand into other high-growth geographies i.e., ERCOT or CAISO in the US and China.

315 GWh*

Japan Electricity Trading Volume

*Data as of Q1/2024

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